Supervisory Skills

Supervisory Skills

Course Aim

This training is designed for those in a supervising or team leader role. It will help you to understand and build your team and then give you skills to support your team and manage your workload efficiently

Care workers creating a plan and sticking sticky labels on a window during a supervision

Course content

The role of the supervisor.
Effective communication.
Setting and maintaining standards.
Managing time effectively.
Building and motivating teams.
How and when to delegate.
Stress management.
Dealing with conflict.
Identifying training needs.

learning outcomes

Describe your role and area of responsibility.
Understand how effective communication supports your role.
Understand how to give feedback positively.
Recognise the need to set and maintain standards.
Understand how to manage time effectively.
Identify ways of building and motivating teams effectively.
Recognise the need to delegate to others.
Identify ways to deal with stress.
Describe ways to deal with conflict within your team.
Be able to identify training needs within your area of responsibility.

delivery styles

Silver Box eBox Face to Face
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