Redcrier has partnered with ABL as they are FCA-authorised, fully independent commercial finance specialists who add value through partnerships and who will work with Redcrier clients to find the perfect finance solution.

ABL works with you to find funding solutions that spread the cost of investment in new software or release working capital from your current equipment, through tailor-made Hire Purchase (HP), Lease or Refinance packages.

As a commercial finance intermediary, ABL works closely with you to build long-term relationships and supply a range of funding services, keeping costs low and adding value. ABL has the added advantage of quick turnaround due to preferential working arrangements with funders and because raising finance is what they do every day.

The ABL family is made up of a team of individuals who genuinely thrive on collaboration, hence why ABL are big on delivering a person-centered, down to earth service – which keeps things simple. ABL does not need to use jargon.

ABL understands the financial challenges faced by care providers and looks to foster long-term partnerships that ensure all parties succeed in their aims. It is not what they do that is different, but how they do it! Find out for yourself…


As training providers, Redcrier sees the value in safeguarding your business through improving staff competencies, promoting best practices and minimising risks. There is no escaping the fact that care providers are exposed to internal and external risks daily.

In recent times we have seen that the right business insurance is becoming harder and harder to source, with inflated premiums and insurance companies, in some cases, unwilling to take on new clients.

To help Redcrier clients safeguard their business and to complement our training, we have teamed up with BH & S Insurance Services who can offer you a reliable service and help you find the right insurance for your business. Between the two organisations, we can help you to deliver effective training partnered with robust reporting and best-fit insurance. The combination will help you to minimise risks and safeguard your business.


Redcrier has partnered with LifeVac to help raise awareness of choking prevention and saving lives. In the UK, LifeVac has been welcomed into the care sector where the airway clearance device (ACD) has saved many lives. Working with and equipping thousands of care providers across the sector.

When first aid and all other methods fail on a choking emergency LifeVac can save lives.

LifeVac is simple, effective, non-invasive and most importantly safe to use. The team at LifeVac are experts on choking, they have spent years studying choking and helping people save lives when first aid BLS choking protocols fail.

LifeVac are the leaders in airway clearance device technology, being the only ACD with peer-reviewed medical publications, independent medical testing and medical abstracts proving safety, effectiveness, usability, and lives saved. Find out how they can help you safeguard your service users here.

LifeVac Europe in large bold grey text and the red and yellow company logo
Thank And Praise

Thank And Praise (TAP) is a unique social thanking platform to thank the unsung heroes working in social care (healthcare and education also) while raising funds for worthy causes. When Redcrier found out about TAP we wanted to work alongside them to help raise awareness of the thanking wall and in turn, share the positivity throughout the social care sector.

TAP allows those working in social care to receive the recognition they deserve. TAP also helps a care provider to encourage families of those in care to be further involved whilst creating and recording community engagement.

TAP’s social thanking platform makes it easy for people to thank the unsung heroes working in social care. Thanking is a simple yet positive action that hugely boosts both the recipient and the giver of thanks.

The team behind the TAP platform believe that enabling members of the public to quickly and easily ‘thank’ could change the culture of complaining and replace it with one of thanking and showing appreciation. It is a big dream that Redcrier wants to help TAP achieve. Can you think of someone working in social care that you would like to thank?

West Sussex Partners in Care (WSPiC)

West Sussex Partners in Care is the leading Care Association for providers in West Sussex.

WSPiC is a not for profit organisation that works in partnership with key stakeholders including Care Providers, West Sussex County Council and CCG’s for the benefit of the members. WSPiC represent all independent providers of care in West Sussex, knowing that the pressures faced by the care industry can be alleviated through co-working and to achieve collective aims. As providers themselves, the Board of Directors understand that we face common challenges such as regulatory requirements in allocation of recourses, investment to improve services, training and recruitment. At the same time we face common cost pressures; HR issues and other similar themes faced by business people and entrepreneurs nationwide. Redcrier are proud to be working alongside WSPiC and more than happy to support the members with effective training packages. If you are a WSPiC member and would like to know more about how Redcrier can support you, please contact us today 01823 332200.