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Current Contract review

A lot of our current clients started talking to Redcrier about ways to improve their training whilst they were still in a contract with another training provider. A contract that was no longer meeting the needs of the care provider, and therefore reducing the effectiveness of the business and increasing overheads. 
At Redcrier we appreciate the importance of having the right training as a foundation for excellent care. Anything less can prevent you from reaching your targets and aspirations. This is why we are open to conversations to explore how we might be able to help you move away from a restrictive contract, ahead of time, and reduce the burden of an ineffective training package. 
We understand that each care provider has different requirements and therefore different contracts attached to their organisation. Call us today to have an open discussion about how Redcrier can start to ease your training burden whilst being very mindful of your current expenses and financial set up. Through talking to us about your current contract you will:
Remove the constraints of your current contract
Reduce the pressure on the onboarding process
Improve outcome and care delivery
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