eBox provides quick and easy access to staff training, training records, compliance reporting and improves communication with team members. eBox is supported by an App to make staff training even more convenient and allow you to organise all of your training in one place.

Easy-to-use system for staff to engage with

The user dashboard makes navigation simple for learners and system administrators alike.

Improve Staff Retention

94% of care providers with a staff turnover of 10% or less state that “investing in staff training and development” is the primary reason for their high retention rates.

Enhanced Responsiveness and Sustainability

eBox helps fulfil the expectation for your organisation to be responsive. You can access reports and staff records immediately to react quickly. The inbuilt news function enables you to inform your staff of events, changes and updates efficiently.

Insightful and Immediate Reporting

Easy to understand, live compliance reporting gives up to date insight whenever you need it.

Greater Control

eBox makes it easy to add and remove staff, set course allocations, and edit reporting functions, reducing your reliance on technical support.

Multiple, User-friendly Access Points for Enhanced Flexibility

eBox can be accessed via desktop computers, mobile devices, or the App. eBox also allows delivery of face-to-face courses, so training can be delivered conveniently through one system.

Free Ongoing support

Redcrier offers free ongoing support to our eBox clients who can access our technical support team via email or telephone, whichever is their preference, at no additional cost.

Which courses do your staff need to cover?

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Are you an existing eBox client looking for some help?

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