eBox allows you to plan, deliver, assess and review all of your training in one place.

eBox Learning

Making training straightforward

eBox provides quick and easy access to training content, historical training records, compliance reporting and certificates. eBox is supported by an App to make staff training even more convenient.

Make training effective and insightful

Create an easy training process for your staff which helps them to deliver higher standards of care and improve safety and efficiency within your care setting. Gain insight to the areas of strength and weakness in your staff competency and enhance your overall compliance.

Reduce learning time and increase effectiveness through higher knowledge retention. ILX Group Plc Research Report - Digital learning for business

Add to your bottom line

With eBox you can increase staff engagement, which then reduces risk and increases compliance, leading to better standards of care, reputation and thus increased revenue and profit.

Digital training and systems means more engaged staff and reduces risks for your business. This reduction in risk then improves your business compliance. Improved compliance will lead to better standards of care. Better standards of care means a better reputation and rating. Better reputation and rating will lead to increased revenue and also lower insurance costs. Increased revenue and lower insurance costs combined with efficiency gains therefore equals increased profit.

The Research Institute found that eLearning can increase retention rates by 60%.

Enhanced responsiveness and CQC compliance

eBox helps fulfil the expectation for your organisation to be responsive. You have access to live and insightful reporting of your care home, so you know exactly how your business is doing at any time.

Greater control and efficiency

eBox gives you the ability to control the software so you don’t have to rely on anyone else to make changes. You can add and remove staff, set refresher dates, allocate courses and much more, improving your efficiency.

Ongoing support as standard

eBox delivery comes with ongoing dedicated support as part of the service. You have both admin access and the comfort of knowing you have a friendly, dedicated support team easily accessible through either phone or email. 

Here’s what our customers have said about eBox

My staff team really like the new (eBox) system, with the majority happy to use the system as it takes a lot less time to complete a course, which means they can concentrate on keeping our high standards of care. I have better sight of who l pay for completing a course and the cost of paying staff for courses has reduced due to the training taking less time.

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