Silver Box Frequently Asked Questions

How do the manuals work?

• Each manual consists of a number of units.
• Each unit is divided into a number of pages of text and a page of questions.
• The learner reads the text and then answers the questions
• Your organisation nominates someone to mark the unit questions using the answer book provided in the Silver Box.
• The learner then completes the knowledge paper. Learners can complete units individually or in small groups. The knowledge paper should be completed independently.
• If your learner needs help with the knowledge paper, e.g. somebody else writes the learners words, please identify this on the front of the knowledge paper.

What do I do with the knowledge paper?

When your learner has completed a knowledge paper, you need to send or email it to the Redcrier head office. The training coordinator will need to complete the following steps:

• Complete a request for assessment and certification form. This can be found in the silver box in hard copy to photocopy or on the CD for you to print off.
• When completing the form ensure that each learners name is spelt correctly and clearly written as this is the information that Redcrier use to produce the certificate.
• Ensure that the email address you wish the certificates to be sent to is written on the request for assessment and certification form as this is the email address we will use.
• We would encourage you to take a photocopy of each knowledge paper, as occasionally papers don’t reach us, so you can resend us a copy. We are unable to return knowledge papers once you have sent them to us.
• If posting ensure you use the correct postage, as not only does it incur extra cost, but due to the postal system, certificating your papers may be delayed by a considerable number of weeks. We also recommend you use a recorded delivery service.

Who do I contact if I have a query regarding assessment or certification?

If you have a query regarding any knowledge papers sent to us or certificates you have received then you can either email marking@redcrier.com or telephone our office on 01823 332200 and ask to speak to one of the marking team.

What should I do with completed Care Certificate Standards Resource?

The Care Certificate Standards Resource is a working document completed over a 12 week period as the member of staff becomes familiar with their role and workplace. This provides them with evidence of their competency as they complete each standard and enables them to add to it as their confidence, ability and understanding grows.

The Care Certificate Standards Resource then becomes their proof of completion and should be kept in their personal file. We do not provide certificates for induction as the inspectorate will want to see the Care Certificate (downloaded from the Skills For Care website).

Please be aware that as from April 2015 new starters will need to complete the Care Certificate and there are 4 standards that were not previously covered within Common Induction, so best practice suggests that your existing staff will need to cover the 4 new areas.

How can I save on printing costs?

• Laminate the manuals so that staff can use and reuse the laminated copies. Just print the exercises, unit questions and knowledge papers for each staff member to complete.
• Only ever print off the units and knowledge papers as you need them. If you print off copies of the manual or knowledge papers and store them to use later, they may become redundant when a new version of the manuals is sent to you.

How long can we continue to send in old version knowledge papers once a new version has been released?

• We recommend that you stop using previous versions as soon as you have the new version to ensure your staff have the most current information.
• As of Friday 29th July 2016 any knowledge papers sent to us that are version 8 or older will be returned unmarked as being out of date as they are of little value to you or your staff.

What do I do when I receive a new version?

• Throw away your old material, do not keep it, the information it contains will be out of date.
• Look at the letter sent with the new version and replace the pages of the paper copies of the manuals where it indicates changes have been made. Throw away all old material.
• If you have stored material / manuals on your computer make sure you delete old copies before replacing with the new version.

Can I still use older versions of the Request for Assessment and Certification form?

The version 9 request for assessment and certification form contains necessary information for us to be able to complete assessment and certification for you. Please destroy all previous paperwork and ensure that all staff use the most up to date version. Using old paperwork will slow the process of certification while we wait for your organisation to complete the correct paperwork.

Can I email knowledge papers to Redcrier for marking?

Yes you can and we actively encourage it as a more reliable method. Now that all of our knowledge papers and request for assessment document are editable it can all be done on a computer and emailed to us. Alternatively you can still print the knowledge papers off, complete them by hand and scan and email them to us along with the request for assessment form.

How will I receive my certificates?

Due to our need to reduce our carbon footprint and become a greener company, we are changing the way you will receive your certificates. All certificates will now be sent by email as standard. If you wish to continue to receive hard copy certificates, there will be a charge for this service.

Why do I need to check my junk email box?

It has come to our attention that some of our emails are going into customers junk email boxes. We recommend that you review your junk email regularly as sometimes it may filter legitimate messages without you being aware. To restore an email from your junk email box.
1. Open junk email folder and click on the email to highlight it.
2. On the tool bar click not junk
3. A panel will appear asking you to always trust email from this address, tick the box and then ok.
This will reinstate the emails and future emails from this address should always go to your inbox.

What happens if I don’t pay my annual subscriptions?

The cost of the annual subscription is not just for marking knowledge papers and certification, but also about keeping the material in the manuals relevant so that your staff have up to date information to support them in their role.
You will be invoiced in the month before your annual subscription is due. If payment has not been received by us by your subscription due date, your account will be put on hold and marking, certification and updates will be stopped until payment is made.
Any missing years subscriptions must also be paid before normal service can be resumed.