Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

Course Aim

This course aims to help learners to recognise those at risk and to understand how to reduce that risk through asking how they are, listening and talking about suicide.

Suicide prevention day, Sarcoma, bone, bladder and Childhood cancer Awareness month, Yellow Ribbon for supporting people living and illness. children Healthcare and World cancer day concept

Course content

What is suicide prevention.
Why might someone feel suicidal.
Risk Management.
Signs an individual may be feeling suicidal.
Providing support.
Supporting yourself.

learning outcomes

Understand what suicide prevention is.
Understand why someone may feel suicidal.
Identify how communication can play a positive role.
Identify the possible warning signs that someone is feeling suicidal.
Understand the support available.

delivery styles

This course can help you to reduce risks improve care help others ...

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