Stroke Awareness

Course aim

Trains staff to recognise the signs and symptoms of a stroke and to outline the subsequent physical and psychological support individual clients may require.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define what a stroke is and the main causes.
  • Identify the symptoms of a stroke.
  • Understand how some strokes can be prevented through lifestyle changes.
  • Understand the challenges living with a stroke might present.
  • Recognise the role of the person centred approach in covering for people living with a stroke.

Course Content

  • Types of stroke.
  • Emergency action (*F*A*S*T).
  • Who might be at risk?
  • Lifestyle change to prevent.
  • Medical treatment to prevent re-occurrence.
  • The care package.
  • Maintaining good posture in stroke patients.
  • Dysphagia awareness.
  • Effective communication.

Delivery Styles

Silver Box eBox Face to Face


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