Stoma Care

Stoma Care

Course Aim

A stoma is created through an opening in the abdominal wall during a surgical procedure to enable the release of faeces or urine from the body when it is not possible in the usual way. You will learn about the different types of stoma, why they may be needed and how to care for them.

A young caucasian patient lies on a bed in a disposable pajama with an open abdomen with postoperative scars, an intestine out and a clostoma sack that he glues with sterile gloves on his hands, flat lay close-up, step 5. Medical concept, abdominal diseases, surgery, step by step instructions.

Course content

What is a stoma.
Types of stoma.
Stoma equipment.
Stoma care principles.
Side effects and complications.
Stoma care for people with dementia.
Impact on the individual.
Self care.

learning outcomes

Understanding stoma and the different types.
Identify why someone may need a stoma.
Knowledge of stoma equipment and the principles of stoma care.
Identify side effects and complications.
Understand the impact a stoma may have on an individual.

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