Inclusion In Practice

What is this course about?

Promoting and supporting inclusion is an important part of people management within the workplace. Everyone should be valued as an individual and feel they are being supported and empowered to reach their potential.

The covid-19 pandemic has left some people feeling isolated from those who understand and share their culture, religion, beliefs, and health needs. This makes it even more important for everyone in the workplace to feel understood and supported as an individual to enable them to support others as individuals.

CQC are making it a priority to “look at how effectively a service works with others, and in partnership with local communities, to involve people in designing and improving services. This includes how services embed equality, diversity and inclusion”

Aim of the workshop

Our remote Inclusion for Everyone  workshop aims to support managers and staff to identify what we mean by inclusion, the benefits of celebrating everyone as an individual, acknowledge current good practices within the workplace and how this could be further built on.

Course Structure 

This is a workshop style course allowing your staff to explore best practice around your current policies and procedures. The course content has been designed to be delivered in 1 hour, however we have the ability to be slightly flexible with finish times to make sure all relevant content is covered. The session is designed for (up to) 9 candidates, so will easily fit around your staff rota. Call us today to book your workshop course with Redcrier 01823 330022. 

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to understand and promote inclusion in the workplace

Course Content

Workshop Content

  • What do we mean by inclusive practice
  • Identify the benefits of celebrating everyone as an individual
  • Identify our current inclusive practices
  • Developing inclusive practice

Delivery Styles

Face to Face


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