Infection Control in Practice

What is this course about?

In any care environment, the risk of infection can be high, so it is important for infection control measures to be in place and followed effectively.  Your risk assessment will have shaped your policies and procedures and aligned to the current guidance. Your staff have a responsibility to follow the policies and procedures to help keep everyone in your care environment safe. Part of the current CQC inspection process will look at what procedures you have in place and how you are implementing them, both to prevent and deal with infection in the workplace.

Course Structure 

This is a workshop style course allowing your staff to explore best practice around your current policies and procedures. The course content has been designed to be delivered in 1 hour, however we have the ability to be slightly flexible with finish times to make sure all relevant content is covered. The session is designed for (up to) 9 candidates, so will easily fit around your staff rota. Call us today to book your workshop course with Redcrier 01823 330022. 

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand Infection control in practice

Course Content

  • Prevention and protection from infection for everyone in the workplace
  • Preventing spread of infection through safe hygiene practice
  • Shielding/isolation and social distancing
  • Safe admissions
  • Effective PPE use
  • Effective testing practice

Delivery Styles

Face to Face


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