Death Dying and Bereavement

Death Dying and Bereavement

Course Aim

This course is aimed at staff who are working with clients who are close to the end of their lives. It will help them to identify appropriate person centred care and how to support family and friends of those they are caring for.

Supporting someone through end of life. Holding their hand for support.

Course content

End of Life guidance.
Effective communication during death, dying and bereavement. 
Assessing the needs and preferences of clients relating to end of life.
Pain management during end of life.
Recognising when someone is approaching end of life.
Grief and Bereavement.

learning outcomes

Understand the requirements to protect the rights of individuals at the end of life.
Understand factors affecting end of life care.
Know how to provide support to individuals and key people during end of life care.
Understand how to access support for the individual or key people.
Know the action to take following the death of an individual.

delivery styles

Silver Box eBox Face to Face
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