Customer Service

Customer Service

Course Aim

Every individual you provide care for in your workplace is a customer receiving a service from you. At the heart of customer service is customer care, that is, recognising the customers needs and meeting them with a solution that works for them. This course will help you to identify good customer care and how to apply it.

Good customer service can help your care business from initial assessment and will impact on occupancy levels.

Course content

The skills you need.
Code of conduct.
Barriers to communication.
Workplace culture.
Duty of candour.
Person centred values.
Dealing with complaints.

learning outcomes

Identify the skills you need.
Understand the importance of the code of conduct.
Understand what is meant by professionalism.
Identify how to communicate and avoid barriers.
Identify good workplace culture.
Understand your role in applying Duty of Candour.
Understand the need for a person centred approach.
Identify how to deal with complaints.

delivery styles

This course can help you to reduce risks improve care help others ...

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