Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Course Aim

Conflict can be challenging to deal with, for everyone involved. Being able to identify possible conflicts and deal with them before they escalate into a physical altercation is an important skill to have. This course will help you to develop this skill.

a crowd of wooden figurines, a negotiator and a free-standing green figurine. The concept of solving the problem between the team and the director, disputes, conflict of interest, dislike of the team

Course content

What is conflict.
Reading the signs of aggression.
Active listening.
Different techniques and their uses.
Restraint and intervention.

learning outcomes

Understanding how communication plays a role in conflict management.
Understand the warning signs of aggression.
Understand different conflict management techniques.
How to deal with different forms of conflict.

delivery styles

This course can help you to reduce risks improve care help others ...

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