Continence Awareness

Continence Awareness

Course Aim

As well as looking at how to maintain healthy bodily functions, this course also looks at how continence issues affect the individual and your role in supporting them. Incontinence can affect both bladder and/or bowel and may be temporary or permanent.

Wooden man with roll of toilet paper on blue background. Bowel problems, incontinence and diarrhea concept.

Course content

Maintaining healthy bodily functions.
What could cause incontinence, and the risks to the individual.
Types of incontinence.
Effects of incontinence on a client’s quality of life.
Assessing and caring for a client who is incontinent.
Complications of incontinence.

learning outcomes

Recognise types and causes of incontinence.
Support others to manage their incontinence.
Identify how to prevent infections and complications of incontinence.
Understand normal bodily functions.
Recognise the effects of incontinence on quality of life.


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