How To Stay On Top Of Care Training Needs in 2022

There’s no doubt that 2022 will be a difficult year in the care sector. Existing staff shortages have been compounded by the no-jab, no-job policy and it’s a highly competitive labour market.

There’s competition for staff both from within and outside the sector, with many skilled and experienced care staff being tempted away by less fulfilling but better paid jobs in other sectors. Burnout is another factor that makes care staff more likely to consider other offers.

The outlook is one of increased volatility and higher staff turnover rates. Care providers face an even tougher task of keeping up with competency assessments and ensuring that mandatory training requirements are maintained. There will also be new entrants to the sector who will need to meet the requirements of the Care Certificate as quickly as possible.

Practical Steps to Manage Uncertainty

The question for care providers is what practical steps they can take to minimise staff turnover and to deal with a more dynamic workforce with rapidly changing training needs.

As well as the day-to-day necessity of ensuring that you have the right skills profile to deliver your contracted care packages, it’s important to remember that a commitment to ongoing structured training and development helps you keep your best staff. There are a lot of conflicting pressures to balance out.

Technology and the Training Challenge

Technology can help you keep on top of events. You can find the mandatory and core training framework on the Redcrier website. You can also use our eCompetency assessment tool to highlight if you have any compliance gaps.

Our eBox digital training system helps you to manage all of your training plans so that you can keep on top of structured career development as well as essential training for all staff.

Redcrier also offers training in multiple formats, including distance learning and e-learning so that you have more options to meet your training needs efficiently.

If keeping on top of training needs in 2022 looks daunting, contact Redcrier for a free consultation on 01823 332200, or for more information access our free resource centre. Our experts will help you plan a sustainable way forward.

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