The Home Care Worker

The Home Care Worker

Course Aim

This training is designed to give an overview of the role of a homecare worker and can support your workplace induction. It also covers lone working, including travel and in the workplace. Working in care is a valued profession, giving job satisfaction and a career pathway. This training aims to set you on that path towards becoming a highly valued care worker.


Course content

The role of the home care worker.
Professional boundaries.
Risk assessments and how they support you.
The importance of communication.
Care planning.
Travel safety.
Dealing with violence and aggression.
What do we mean by information governance?

learning outcomes

Understand the role of the home care worker.
Understand why professional boundaries are important.
Identify the need for risk assessments in your work role.
Recognise the need for communication in your work role.
Identify the importance of care planning.
Be aware of the need for safety during travel and whilst at work.
Be aware of ways of dealing with violence and aggression.

delivery styles

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