Theory of Moving and Handling

Theory of Moving and Handling

Course Aim

This course provides you with the theory behind moving and handling practice. and should be completed before undertaking practical training eg if your practical is being delivered by staff who have completed our mentors and tutors course. It also covers the theory required for the Care Certificate.

Moving and Handling People Hoist work

Course content

Legislation affecting moving and handling.
Common causes of back problems.
How the back works – anatomy and physiology of the spine.
The principles of movement.
Assessing the risk.
Effective communication principles.

learning outcomes

Recognise the legislation involved in moving and handling.
Identify the structure of the spine and the causes of back pain.
Carry out a risk assessment for a moving and handling task.
Identify the principles of movement.
Recognise some simple movement transfers.
Identify the need for good communication.

delivery styles

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