Bed Rails Use and Safety

Bed Rails

Course Aim

It is important to understand the purpose of bed rails, the risks associated with their use and how to use them safely. There is evidence that when used in the right circumstances, bed rails can reduce the risk of injury, promote confidence and reduce feelings of fear of falling.

Nurse working at the hospital and tidying up the room, she is adjusting bed rails

Course content

The purpose of bed rails.
Different types of bed rails. 
Relevant Legislation.
Risks associated with bed rail use.
Reducing the risk through risk assessment.
Alternatives to using bed rails.
Reporting and recording bed rail incident.

learning outcomes

Understand best practice in using bed rails safely.
Identify potential risks associated with bed rail use.
Understand how to reduce the risks associated with bed rail use.
Identify alternatives to bed rails.
Know how to report and record bed rail incidents.

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