Basic Emergency Aid (Mentors/ Tutors)

Course aim

This course is aimed at people who have completed our Emergency First Aid in the Workplace (or similar) course and wish to pass on their skills to others. This course will show them how to pass on their practical skills and learned techniques to enable others to become competent. It will not be teaching them the techniques as it will be assumed they already know them from having done our Emergency First Aid in Workplace training. This course will include instruction on how to use the Basic Emergency Aid manual. Maximum of 6 participants per course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how the Basic Emergency Aid distance learning manual works.
  • Understand the different ways people learn.
  • Be able to devise a learning plan
  • Support others to carry out Initial Assessment.
  • Support others to carry out CPR.
  • Support others to deal with someone who is choking.
  • Support others to deal with bleeding
  • Support others to understand shock and how to deal with it.
  • Support others to deal with burns and scalds

Course Content

  • A demonstration of how the distance learning manual works to complement the practical
  • Look at learning styles
  • Devising an individual learning plan
  • Practical session on how to pass on the skills of:
  • Initial assessment
  • CPR
  • Supporting an individual who is choking
  • Dealing with shock
  • Dealing with bleeding
  • Dealing with burns and scalds

Delivery Styles

Face to Face


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