Why Do Businesses Really Move From Paper To Digital?

Stack of paperwork next to a computer screen

There’s a simple reason why so many businesses of all types are switching from paper-based systems to digital. Saving trees is only a minor factor. Businesses move to digital systems because it saves money.

This is truer than ever in the age of cloud-based systems that mean you don’t have to invest in expensive servers or maintaining multiple desktops individually.

Some Obvious Savings

Some savings are direct and obvious. You’ll be buying less paper and toner for one thing. You may even need to buy or lease fewer printers. Perhaps you can cut back on storage space and sell some surplus filing cabinets (if anyone’s still using them, that is).

Some Less Obvious Savings

Other savings are less obvious and harder to quantify. Arguably these are the most significant.

How do you put a price on each individual being able to access exactly the information they need in the instant they need it? In fact, they didn’t have to go looking for it – it just appeared on an electronic device they happen to use.

How do you quantify the time saved by not having to retrieve a folder and leaf through it to find what you need – never mind disrupting the ‘keeper of the filing cabinet key.’

And then there’s the time taken to fill in forms and possibly transpose that information onto a local spreadsheet or database. Plus the time and cost of resolving the inevitable errors that come with multiple information handling.

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‘I’ve better things to do than…’

Finally, there’s the opportunity cost of far more productive things you could be doing with your time. Instead of trawling paper training records to identify gaps and needs, you could see them in an instant through a simple dashboard.

You could simply be assigning online training modules to those who need them with a few clicks, knowing that notification takes care of itself. You can check progress and record certifications without leaving your desk or, in fact, doing much at all.

Think how much time and cost this can save when it comes to verifying compliance and knowing you have the skills in the team to bid for new care packages with confidence. Maybe it’s time to save time – with digital learning management. Plan, deliver, assess and review all of your training in one place. Take a look.

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