What Does An Effective Care Training Process Look Like?

Creating and implementing a training and development plan isn’t a task. It’s really a process and a cycle. For it to be effective each stage of the process has to work efficiently.

The essential stages of an effective care training process are: plan, do, assess, review. Too often, all the focus is on ‘do’ as care providers strive to keep up with CQC expectations and mandatory training requirements. So what do the other stages look like?

Plan: Beyond the expectations of the regulator there are many factors that should influence your training and development plan. These include business plans, internal risk assessments, care plans, client needs and individual staff goals.  

Do: There are different training formats to choose from including face-to-face, distance learning and e-learning. Which ones will best suit the topic and the preferences of individual learners? A training champion can help to reinforce practical elements of the training and ensure that people apply what they learn.

Assess: This stage is about understanding how the training received is helping the individuals within your team. The process should align with the competency checks required by the inspectorate and your supervision schedule.  This level of feedback will allow you to identify areas of strength and weakness within your staff team and therefore how to best offer support moving forwards.

Review: This part of the process looks at how well the training delivery and results align to your business goals. Does your current training structure offer the competence required, the flexibility desired all within the appropriate spend? This phase gives you the overarching review to make significant improvements as and where you see fit.

In the current climate care providers are under more pressure than ever. Often, they have to function with a skeleton staff while people isolate or because of unfilled vacancies. It’s essential that training providers are in tune with this reality and offer flexibility while being easy to work with.

The option to take training in a digital format is a big opportunity to enhance your training process. Yet it’s a step that 80% of care providers are still to take. E-learning can be blended with other course formats. As part of a structured and cyclical plan, do, assess, review care training process it provides a valuable option for people to take essential training when it’s most convenient and in bite-sized pieces.

To find out more about how to implement an effective training process download our recent white paper from our resource centre. Or, call Redcrier on 01823 332200 for an initial conversation about what training you might be looking for.

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