Training Only Adds Value When You can Apply it

Learning in the workplace is generally a two stage process. The first is to acquire information or knowledge. The second stage is to successfully apply the knowledge in real and sometimes new situations.

This transfer of learning is powerful and vital. It ensures that you have a direct return on your investment in training because your staff can either perform more tasks competently or complete existing tasks to a higher standard. They are also equipped to respond competently to new and unfamiliar situations.

For team members it’s hugely motivating when they can see themselves and their colleagues successfully applying what they learn. This helps to turn a culture where training is seen as an obligation into one where it’s highly valued and sought-after. 

Better staff retention is another of the many benefits that flow from a healthy learning culture when staff are continuously acquiring knowledge and applying it. It’s highly motivating.


Transfer of learning relies on training that resembles the real world. This means it should be put together and delivered by people with direct experience and knowledge. Examples and scenarios used to reinforce the learning process are then immediately relatable to learners’ own experiences and situations.

In many cases it doesn’t matter what format is used to deliver the training. What’s really important is that it reflects real life and is highly relevant to learners’ experiences.

Another important factor is being able to easily refresh the learning when needed. As well as convenience and cost-effectiveness, one of the advantages of e-learning is that specific modules can be revisited at any time and on any device.

This ability to refresh the learning at any time helps to embed it and increase the value it delivers to your organisation and your team.

In terms of supporting the transfer of learning, Redcrier eBox e-learning courses have been developed by experienced care professionals. They are grounded in the real world as well as being highly accessible, both for initial learning and for refreshers.

Take a look at our list of eBox courses, or for more information call us on 01823 332200. You can also find more helpful guidance through our resource centre.

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