Navigating Health and Social Care Change While Keeping Your Business on Course

Change is ever present in health and social care. One of the most significant changes in the pipeline is a completely new CQC inspection regime. Added to that there are ever-changing regulations and guidelines that you have to comply with.

Staff turnover also remains high. So the pattern of skills gaps related to client needs is constantly shifting and needs to be managed.

Against this backdrop you still have your vision of where you want to take your care business. You’ll have organisational goals related to financial performance, care standards or staff development. You may also be implementing digital tools to streamline your most important processes.

On one hand you have to be highly agile to thrive in a disruptive environment. On the other you need a steady course towards your longer-term goals. The ability to deal with change in a positive way becomes critical.

Changing Demands, Changing Support

Expectations placed on you and your team never stand still. The modern health and social care sector calls for constant renewal and updating of skills and competences. Care businesses need to be adaptable and so does their training partner.

To help you manage both the person-centred care packages and individual development plans for your team, Redcrier continuously add courses to our extensive range. We can also help you to maximise the effectiveness of your training through 3 different delivery methods, to include eLearning, Face to Face and Distance Learning – another important factor to help you successfully negotiate change. Some recent courses we’ve added are Dietary Requirements, Food Allergy and Intolerance Awareness and Motor Neurone Disease. There are more in the development phase too.

Change is one of the factors that makes health and social care such a dynamic and fulfilling sector to work in. With the right expertise and access to robust training programmes you can avoid being overwhelmed and keep moving ahead towards your goals.

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