Redcrier’s Skills for Care Endorsement

We are delighted to announce that we can carry the Skills for Care Endorsement for another year.

The process to achieve this badge of honour is not easy, and rightly so. The Skills for Care endorsement is a thorough examination of our internal processes. Each training provider applying for the Skills for Care endorsement must supply evidence of their training’s impact on care professionals that use the training and the people within their care.

This project has been headed up by our Training & Compliance Manager and involved many members of the Redcrier team as the process puts the organisation under the microscope. It is more than whether our training is up to scratch, the endorsement is a reflection that we are good to communicate with and can support care providers effectively. This process has allowed us to reflect internally, which is something businesses potentially could and should place more importance on.

For us, the results of that internal reflection have been very insightful and reminded us, as a team, that there is always room for improvement, whoever you are, there is always something to strive for. It has also reminded us that we are all working towards the same goal, to equip care professionals with the relevant skills and tools to make someone else’s life easier, better, safer, and more comfortable. Regardless of how long we have been employed by Redcrier, and most of us have been here for some considerable time, not even one of us is the font of all knowledge for all things and our true strength lies in the team element. Let us be honest, we have all had the misfortune of meeting unscrupulous care providers and we have all met unscrupulous suppliers.

This endorsement, for us, reinforces our ethos of giving to the sector, as opposed to taking from it. We have had the opportunity to improve as an organisation. We have gained greater insight into how our clients interact with the training and how that impacts their routines and outcomes. This endorsement means more to us than a shiny badge we put on the website. Although immensely proud of the endorsement and understand the challenges set to achieve it, we also believe this should be the baseline for training providers. Rather than something that is aspirational and achieved by few, we would rather share the accolade and have more suppliers helping the sector and therefore eradicate those training suppliers not delivering yet profiting from it.

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