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Update on Liberty Protection Safeguards, the replacement for DoLS

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Liberty Protection Safeguards

The final version of the legislation to replace the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, DoLS, was agreed by parliament on 24thApril 2019 and will become law when it receives Royal Ascent. It is expected that it will be implemented sometime in the first half of 2020, although no specific date has been set, and it will then run alongside DoLS for the first year to support the transition of existing cases authorised under DoLS. 

Once the Liberty Protection Safeguards are law, the government will need to produce a set of regulations and a code of practice including guidance on what kind of arrangements will give rise to a deprivation of liberty. These documents will hopefully be out for consultation later this year, so that any amendments to the documents can be made in time for the implementation.

For further information on the bill and the processes it has been through click below.

We will look to update our Mental Capacity Manual with Liberty Protection Safeguards as soon as it is appropriate and inform you when it has been done. Please note that our existing clients are advised continue to access Silver Box Manuals via the Markit system so that updated content can be integrated into the training. 

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