We’re All Different, and So is the Training We Need

We’re all individuals – with our own needs, preferences and interests. Different things inspire and motivate each one of us. That’s one reason why personalised staff training is essential in the modern highly competitive social care sector.

Staff turnover in the sector is still running at about 30%. That’s an added pressure and a significant cost for every provider. Yet staff retention and effective personal development are closely linked.

Care staff value the opportunity to learn and master skills in a particular aspect of social care that interests them. Personal development can be the factor that persuades an experienced person to choose one provider over another or to stay in their role.

Different Ambitions, Different Needs

Every member of your team is at a different stage in their development. Some are more experienced than others and many have a clear pathway in mind for how they want to develop their career and expertise.

The good news is that delivering personalised training tied to each individual’s training needs and career development goals is easier than ever. Adopting eBox e-learning allows you to meet personalised training needs without having to release key staff for extended periods of time.

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Modules can be taken in bite-sized chunks (which is also excellent for retaining knowledge) whenever and wherever it’s convenient. Because you can fit training around work rosters and there’s no travel involved, e-learning is highly cost-effective.

Training management is another personalised learning headache that disappears with eBox. It’s easy to see the modules each person has completed, assign new ones and check progress and certification. Everything you need can be accessed in seconds from anywhere with an internet connection.

Supporting your person-centred approach with a wide spectrum of training content whilst expanding individual skill sets has, historically, been a considerable challenge. Now, through eBox that very high expectation is an affordable reality. The eBox LMS allows you to map your entire training delivery aligned to person-centred requirements, and layer in individual staff development, which builds the foundation for career development. All achievable with a few clicks.

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