How Care Managers Can Find Time-Efficient Working Practices

Care managers are often faced with more challenges than there is time to deal with. The challenges can mount up and ripple into other aspects and the MO can slide into ‘firefighting in the trenches’.

Any care manager that takes pride in what they do will be working really hard, with their heart on their sleeve, wanting to spend time with the people they look after. Wanting to offer guidance and coaching to their team all the while with the burden of the ‘back office’ operations.

Finding effective ways to be more efficient and striking the balance is crucial. As a care manager supporting vulnerable people, you will always have unforeseen challenges thrown at you. The key is in creating the day-to-day efficiencies that allow you the time to deal with those challenges, with minimal stress and risk to you and your team.

The feeling of being in control and having time doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. It’s nurtured through strong communication and knowing that you have accurate and complete information. It’s reinforced by the confidence that you can keep essential information up to date with ease and can always trust it.

Effective management is rooted in data, information and knowledge.

Control in a Dynamic Environment

Historically, the care sector hasn’t found information management easy, due to being burdened with hours of paperwork and everything needing to be completed in triplicate. New staff, ever-changing client needs and evolving compliance requirements made that feeling of being in control elusive. Too much was happening too quickly to keep up using the available systems.

The correct digital technology can have a positive impact.

Consider how different life feels for a care manager using eBox to manage and deliver essential training.

All staff training records are available in one place and are constantly updated in real time as new staff join and people complete training. There’s no additional manual process to update training files.

Less time is spent ‘in the trenches’ chasing staff to complete courses. You have more time to complete more productive tasks, or review you current – tasks and processes that will save you yet more time.

What would you do with the time that eBox can return to you and your staff?

Automatic Updating

There’s never a moment’s doubt about whether the information you’re looking at is current. The moment somebody completes a training module it’s updated automatically by the eBox learning management system.

Anxiety induced by not feeling in control is most acute when it comes to compliance. Are there gaps in staff training that would cast doubt on your ability to deliver safe and effective care?

With eBox you have live compliance reports. You can see if you have training gaps (perhaps caused by staff leaving) and you can see when certification of essential skills will need updating for each individual.

See it for yourself. Request your eBox demo.

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