Free COVID-19 Training for Your Staff

Covid-19 has had a major impact on care provision and will continue to do so. We have developed a FREE Covid-19 Training Guide to help care organisations have a simple way to understand and implement what is required to meet the regulations and guidelines. Download now for free here.

Covid-19 has created a completely unpredictable and unprecedented time out of nowhere and with such force that the industry has never experienced before. As an integral part of the industry, we wanted to make sure we could help our clients and anyone in the care sector, facing upheaval in the most effective and practical way we could think of.

Navigating your business through a pandemic is one of the most difficult things your business may have to face, and to make it as quick and easy as possible we have developed this free training guide. Whether you’re training new staff or upskilling existing staff, you’ll get up-to-date COVID-19 training at no extra cost to your business.

Our free COVID-19 training course is available for download now. The training pack is split into 4 sections to help carers and managers adapt their processes and meet the new standards as smoothly and effectively as possible:

1. What everyone needs to know
2. Providers / Managers
3. Residential Care Staff
4. Home Care staff

Learn about COVID-19:

· The symptoms and how the virus presents itself
· How to prevent the spread of the virus
· What to do if you suspect you have the virus
· How to adjust care services with the virus in mind
· How to respond to a COVID-19 case with a client or member of staff

For more information about our training courses and learning systems, contact us today on 01823 33 22 00 or email info@redcrier.com

COVID-19 Training

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