Promoting Wellbeing at Work

Promoting Wellbeing at Work

Course Aim

Having a work life balance is important, as it promotes wellbeing in all areas. Wellbeing at work is something everyone can get involved in. This training is aimed at those supporting staff and looks at how we can promote wellbeing for all in the workplace.

Promoting well-being in the workplace.

Course content

What is workplace wellbeing.
Improving wellbeing at work.
Supporting Lone and Home workers.
Supporting employees at risk of poor mental health.
Guidance for promoting wellbeing at work.

learning outcomes

Understand what workplace wellbeing is.
Identify possible causes of work related stress.
Understand how to support wellbeing in the workplace.
Understand how to support employees experiencing poor mental health.
Identify how the environment may impact overall wellbeing.

delivery styles

This course can help you to reduce risks improve care help others ...

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