Course Aim

Any person of any age can be bullied, and bullying can take many forms. Although it is most often associated with children and young people, it happens with adults, too. It can happen anywhere, and at any time: at school, at home, in the workplace or even online (known as cyberbulling). This course aims to help you recognise bullying and be able to offer support to those being bullied.

Individual being bullied

Course content

What is bullying.
Adult and child bullying.
Bullying in the workplace.
Cyber bullying and blackmail.
Peer pressure and influence.
Supporting someone who is being bullied.

learning outcomes

Understand what bullying is.
Identify signs of bullying in childhood and adulthood.
Understand settings where bullying may take place, including in the workplace and online.
Understand the impact of peer pressure.
Identify how bullying can impact the person being bullied.
Identify how to support someone who is being bullied.

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