A Good Reputation is Built on Thousands of Positive Experiences

Samantha’s dad is finding it hard to cope with everyday life. He has dementia that’s progressively getting worse. 

This is a difficult and emotional time. It’s not just admitting that her dad can no longer cope, it’s also accepting that Samantha can no longer provide the support her dad needs while managing everything else in her life.

If she’s not able to provide added support herself, she’s going to make sure that whoever does is going to do it properly and in a caring way. So, it’s off to the internet to find out what she can about local care providers.

We live in a world where, thanks to the internet, reputations spread fast. Whatever type of service we want to buy, a quick search will tell us what we need to know about the reliability of different suppliers.

The growth of social media has created an environment where one bad experience with a member of staff can quickly escalate into a PR calamity. It might be a completely isolated event, but it can also quickly become how you are perceived by the outside world.

A good reputation is built on thousands experiences, a bad one can be based on just a single event.

Reacting in the Right Way

Any care business has to be as confident as possible that staff have the knowledge and skills to always act – and react – appropriately.

Care businesses that want to maximise bed occupancy and increase the number of home care hours delivered also have to maintain a healthy CQC rating and receive good inspection reports. 

Staff development is a specific focus of the inspection. It’s also a litmus test of whether a care business is well managed, safe and person-centred.

We all do online research almost every day for relatively low cost and unimportant things. So, we will certainly do it if we’re looking for a care home place or home care support.

As the owner or manager of a care business, you know there’s no shortcut to a good reputation. It needs to be built patiently through thousands of consistently positive experiences. 

Redcrier will help you find efficient and dependable ways to make sure your team is equipped to deliver positive experiences all of the time.

If you’d like to discuss how to put a training plan in place that will help protect your reputation, call Redcrier on 01823 332200. You can also find helpful guidance through our resource centre.

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