A Fast and Efficient Way to Onboard New Care Staff

At last, there’s at least some relief from chronic staff shortages in the care sector. Adding care workers to the government’s shortage occupation list allows providers to recruit directly from abroad. This has helped add nearly 60,000 people to the social care workforce.

But as every care provider knows, finding people to fill vacancies is only part of the story.  Large scale recruitment also brings a significant onboarding challenge. Having found a partial solution to staffing shortages, the focus then turns to how to make onboarding new care staff as efficient as possible.

Overcoming Onboarding Challenges

Onboarding staff within your care organisation is more demanding than in many other sectors. It is more than just a case of introducing new employees to your systems and processes. You also must maintain compliance, and ensuring recruits have the essential skills across a large holistic spectrum of topics needed, whilst maintaining your standards of safe and effective care.

Minimising the time needed for onboarding new care staff cuts the inevitable time lag between incurring costs for recruitment and the point when you start delivering chargeable services. Minimising that lag is one of the main drivers for Redcrier teaming up with occy, a market-leading end-to-end recruitment platform.

Together, our systems can identify the right candidates based on matching your business’s values and approach with theirs, check their competency before placement and then begin any necessary training. This robust strategy can help you to build a team of highly engaged and effective care staff, who are more likely to remain with your business.

Compliance and Sustainability

Not surprisingly, learning management systems and digital training have become increasingly important factors in running a compliant and financially sustainable care business.

Digital learning management technology such as the eBox platform vastly simplifies the task of evaluating training levels, organising essential training, and tracking progress. All essential elements in delivering onboarding at scale.

With eBox there’s no more searching through paper records or scrolling through spreadsheets. Everything you need is displayed through a simple interface. You can move effortlessly from the big picture overview of your entire team to whatever level of detail you need about an individual.

You can easily assign training modules to individuals that they can then access through a wide range of devices, offering context and improving confidence from them to be able to answer in English.

As Hallaton Manor – a provider that adopted the eBox platform – puts it: “Easy system to use. Modules are thorough and easy to understand and are available in lots of different languages.”

For many care providers that’s exactly what they need to take full advantage of new overseas recruitment opportunities.

See it for yourself. Request your eBox demo.

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