A Career in Social Care – Focus on the Positives

How many sectors offer people opportunities to do work that really matters, with multiple options for development and progression? Not many do this as well as the care sector.

It’s worth holding onto this thought when we seem surrounded on all sides by gloomy headlines. The care sector still has plenty to offer caring and ambitious people.

But we can’t ignore the realities. Local authorities predict that inflation could add £3.7bn to the annual cost of delivering social care. Meanwhile, some care staff faced with a cost of living squeeze are reluctantly moving to jobs in retail and hospitality to make ends meet. Despite increasing demand for care, the workforce in England has shrunk.

Maybe it’s a good time to focus on some positives and look at what the care sector offers more effectively than the alternatives.

Meaningful Work Matters

According to the Harvard Business Review, nine out of ten people would be willing to earn less money in return for doing work they find meaningful. Working in the care sector definitely has meaning and makes a difference.

People who see their careers as fulfilling and enjoyable often cite personal and professional growth opportunities as essential features. There are multiple career pathways and specialisms open to care staff. Training and development plans can have a focus broader than compliance and mandatory skills. They help people grow personally and professionally – and that’s quite a big deal.

Delivering Training in Challenging Times

Playing to your strengths is usually the best way through a crisis. So, part of the answer might be to work out ways to deliver on commitments to staff training and development – even though maintaining full staffing levels isn’t easy and it’s hard for staff to be released.

Putting e-learning at the core of your staff development plan is one way you can do this. It avoids the need to release valuable team members for large blocks of time as they can take the training in smaller chunks when it suits them.

The flexibility of where training can be delivered is also helpful. Essentially it’s anywhere with a reasonable internet connection.

Competition for good staff is stiff. Implementing eBox e-learning within your organisation will help you offer valuable personal development opportunities that others will struggle to match.

Want to know more about eBox e-learning? Ask for a demo.

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