The Silver Box: a cost effective training solution

The Silver Box Distance Learning system allows you to have constant access to staff training material to give you flexibility and complete control over your training matrix.

You can deliver the training whenever is best for the organisation and easily moulds around you staff rota, so you don’t need to take staff off shift or find replacement staff to cover care provision.

The training content is accredited by CPD and has been designed specifically for the care industry.

The pricing structure offers you cost reductions and also really importantly cost assurance.

There are 2 cost associated with the Silver Box courses, an initial license fee followed by annual subscriptions. The one off payment of the initial license fee, which once signed lasts the lifetime of your business, grants you full access to the course material. The annual subscription (paid in year 2 and subsequent years) will cover all of your marking, certification and annual updates that we launch to keep your training relevant.

Year 1:                                                                                                   £200.00 (0% VAT)

Break down cost per person per course based on 10 staff                    £20 (0% VAT)

Year 2 (and subsequent years):                                                            £25.00 (+ VAT)

Break down cost per person per course based on 10 staff                    £2.50 (+ VAT)

Year 1 and Year 2 prices above based on 1 course which allows you to train up to 50 staff.

If you would like to discuss greater staff numbers, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can offer you a bespoke quote.

For a full list of distance taught courses available please click here.