How to Keep your Best Care Staff

Staff retention is a key problem stifling growth and consistency of service for many care businesses, yet for some, it is much less of an issue. Why is this?

Having to continually replace staff is costly and can impact on the quality of service. The recruitment process ties up valuable management time and there is always a time lag before new employees are fully productive. This is on top of any advertising spend. These are costs that care companies can ill afford.

The critical factor in holding on to your best care staff is that it is not just about money. It’s also about how people feel about working for you. Staff who feel valued, supported and engaged are much less likely to look for new opportunities.

Looked at in this way, care staff training takes on a new significance. It isn’t just a cost or something you have to do for CQC compliance. Training and staff development are central to keeping your best care staff and to having a more stable and sustainable business.

A Motivated Team is a Loyal Team

The two-factor theory developed by psychologist Frederick Herzberg identifies several motivating factors that contribute to staff satisfaction and performance. These include challenging work, recognition for achievement, responsibility, doing something meaningful, and a sense of importance to an organization. Arguably, continued training and development are essential to delivering any of these.

The induction process should set the tone, not just through being thorough and well run, but also by focusing on the individual development needs of each new employee. The message should be clear from day one: this is a place where you are valued and where you will be helped to grow.

This approach needs to be sustained for all staff, with regular reviews of their development needs including any specialist areas of care that they would like to focus on.

Finding the time for training isn’t always easy, but there are several options including e-learning and distance learning, in addition to face to face training to find the most suitable method or mix of methods for your business and staff.

If you think that training is expensive, compare the costs of perpetual recruitment and the time it takes for new staff to become fully productive compared to the benefits of having a fully engaged and motivated care team.

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