Would you be Confident Showing Your Training Records to the CQC?

Are training records one part of the CQC inspection framework you hope they will cover, or does the thought make you nervous?

CQC inspections are intended to be a snapshot of your social care provision on a normal day. Inspectors’ observations are reinforced (or not) by reviewing records relating to different aspects of ‘safe and effective’ care. And while there are some providers that come out of an inspection celebrating, there are others left wondering how big the impact of a poor rating will be on their business.

The possibility of an unannounced inspection is an incentive to keep your training, evidence and best practice up to date and accurate.  At point of inspection you either have evidence of good practice or you don’t.

CQC Inspections and Training

So why is training so important? First, in order for people to demonstrate that they know how to do things correctly they have to be trained.

Second, training is likely to be one of the key aspects of the inspection. This is because the CQC understands that effective training underpins so much of what behaviors it takes to deliver safe and effective care.

Inspectors will ask to see your training records as well as ask staff about the training they have received. This is partly because training is essential and partly because the attitude some organisations have regarding training can reveal so much about their overall approach to business and care provision.

What Inspectors Look For

CQC inspectors want to see evidence that the training you provide is not only relevant and of good quality but most importantly, is being applied. Without this evidential element, there’s a risk that you could be rated as ‘Requires Improvement’ or worse. A rating like that has been known to have a big impact and, in some cases, finish care businesses for good.

If you would rather be a manager that can evidence training records and supporting documents with confidence, then our digital learning management systems may be a solution. If you identify training as an area which can help you improve your CQC rating, get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation today.

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