Why We’re Proud To Celebrate Diversity And Inclusion

Gender identity and equality can cause controversy in some quarters – but for us it’s quite simple. Celebrating diversity and equality in the spirit of Pride Month is really just about respecting everyone’s right to be themselves and loving people for who they are.

Official statistics tell a fascinating story when you compare the percentage of the population who identify as gay or lesbian, bisexual, other, and those who don’t know or refuse to reply. Responses among different age groups differ enormously.

Among 16-24 year olds, almost 15% identify as one of these categories. Among the over 65s it was less than 4%. By far the largest sub-grouping in the over 65s were those who didn’t know or refused to say.

Are Attitudes Changing?

Does that mean that the population is becoming more diverse? Does the population become less diverse as people age? Or is it something else?

Most likely these statistics reflect the fact that successive generations are becoming more able to explore, understand and express their sexual orientation. Hopefully it also means that attitudes are changing and more people feel comfortable about expressing their identity. This would represent progress.

Wellbeing And Mental Health

What does all of this mean for elderly care? Perhaps the first point is that understanding who we are and being able to live that reality openly is vital for good mental health and wellbeing.

So issues and discussion around Gender Identity and Sexual Diversity, and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are highly relevant. Care staff need to feel confident talking about these issues and be aware of how to promote greater understanding and acceptance. It important that your team have a level of awareness to allow them to report and record using appropriate terminology, which is aligned to your policies and procedures and uniform across your organisation. Your records and reporting will be shared with a wider audience and need to reflect your best practices. The courses we’ve linked to above will help your team build their awareness and confidence in these areas. Ultimately Pride is a celebration of uniqueness and the human spirit. It’s for everyone who believes that diversity and mutual respect make societies healthier and happier, and that the more people feel able to express who they are the better off we’ll all become.

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