Why Effective Support is Key to Successful Technology

Technology has the capacity to reduce the time needed for routine repetitive tasks. It makes simple errors less likely.

And through e-learning platforms it’s easier and more efficient for people to learn new things and update their skills. This has many benefits beyond compliance – research shows that introducing e-learning technology can increase staff retention rates by up to 60%.

Getting the Most From Technology

For all the benefits of technology to be a reality there are a few basic conditions. First, the technology must be there when you need it. Second, it must be easy for people to adopt and simple and convenient to use.

The third critical factor is the one that seems to be increasingly overlooked. Effective and responsive support is essential.

If one of your team has managed to set aside an hour for some essential training and then encounters a problem, what do they do?

What they need is an expert they can contact by phone or email. They want a fast response to resolve their issue quickly so they can get on with the training.

Filling in a support ticket and waiting weeks for a response isn’t helpful. Chatting with a bot that struggles to understand their query because you’re using normal rather than technical vocabulary is also frustrating.

How Does eBox Measure Up?

Redcrier created eBox e-learning to make essential care training easy to manage and easy for people to access. We also made the interface as familiar as possible for people who are used to using smartphones and tablets to access mobile apps such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Perhaps most importantly of all, it also comes with free, ongoing support as part of the service. A friendly, dedicated support team is available to answer your questions and support you every step of the way.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our client’s have said about our support:

“So far we have had a great experience using the eBox system. Responses to requests and queries are prompt and efficient, and every member of the team that we have dealt with so far have been very helpful and positive.”

If your technology isn’t giving you the support you want, or you’re unsure about implementing technology because you’re worried about support levels, book your free eBox demo and let us put your mind at ease.

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