When Your Training Plans Need to Respond Urgently to Events

Training should be part of the rhythm of life in a care business. An ongoing cycle of assessing gaps and plan, do, review is a characteristic of a well-managed business. It rolls steadily and constantly like the wheel of a paddle steamer moving your care business in the right direction.

But, sometimes events disrupt the cycle and you need to respond quickly. What do you do then?

Events that might mean you have to respond quickly include when:

  • A key member of staff leaves causing a significant skills or compliance gap.
  • The CQC changes its priorities or focus for inspections.
  • New regulations and guidelines come into force.
  • A CQC inspection or internal audit reveals gaps you hadn’t realised were there.
  • External factors make an aspect of compliance an urgent priority (such as covid-19 and infection control).
  • Your client profile changes significantly meaning that certain types of care are more in demand.

Maintaining Standards

You need to respond quickly to meet the demands of the new situation while ensuring your overall quality of care remains high.

A few years ago, this would have caused a real problem. It wasn’t just the time and cost of releasing staff for training, it was also the task of analysing training and skills profiles to work out exactly what training was needed.

Digital technology makes life much easier. Incorporating eBox e-learning into your training mix means that training records are easy to find and that the majority of essential staff training can be carried out online – at the time and place your staff find most convenient.

eBox also makes routine training management much simpler. Live compliance reporting and the easy-to-use dashboard make the system simple for everyone to navigate.

If you’d like advice on how to apply digital technology to staff learning and development call us on 01823 332200. You can also find helpful guidance through our resource centre.

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