What Training Courses Are Other Care Managers Looking At?

Through speaking to our clients, analysing the courses being completed by care staff and having insight into the expectations of CQC, combined with the current environmental factors, we have collated our Featured Courses to help you with current challenges.

Our Featured Courses have a distinct focus on mental wellbeing. The past 18 months have had a huge focus on people physical wellness, now it is time to look after the mental wellbeing of your residence and staff. Increased pressure on the social care sector imposed by Covid has left people feeling vulnerable, isolated and in a lot of cases; overworked.

What we’ve seen recently is a massive increase in interest in courses related to mental health and wellbeing. Our Mental Health Matters, Mental Health First Aid Awareness, and Wellbeing options, along with our new Understanding Mental Health distance learning course are attracting a lot of attention. It’s highly likely that this has been prompted by the mental health crisis caused by Covid-19. These courses can give colleagues a toolset to look after one another and residents during this particularly challenging time.


Mental Capacity

Perhaps also related to the personal difficulties resulting from Covid-19, we are seeing a lot of interest in Dignity and Respect, The Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Challenging Behaviour. The stress and upset resulting from such unprecedented events in care homes seem to be causing a lot of fallout and managers are looking for support for themselves and their teams to make sure they deal with issues appropriately and in a compliant way.

The other significant topic on our Featured Courses page is Bed Rails Use and Safety. This is something of an evergreen, maybe because it’s a significant area of risk. Possibly, there are also more care home residents with reduced mobility or bed-ridden as they recover from the effects of Covid.


If you’re interested to know what areas of training other care managers are researching it’s always helpful to take a look at our Featured Courses page. This is updated regularly to reflect the topics that are getting the most attention. It’s a small window into the minds and current concerns of care managers around the country.

The other thing we recognise is that care managers are under a lot of pressure. So if you need any support with analysing your training needs and putting a development plan together just get in touch to ask us a question related to training in general, the Redcrier team will be happy to help 01823 33 22 00 or email info@redcrier.com.

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