What Makes a Care Business ‘Well Led’?

Although the details of CQC inspections change over time the essential objective stays the same. Inspectors want to satisfy themselves that services are safe, effective and well led.

The concepts of effective and well led are multifaceted and highly connected. Essentially they reflect what people do day-in, day-out, how staff at all levels are supported and empowered, and how they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to help them act competently and confidently.

Staff skills and knowledge, and the ability of teams to work together, are key elements of effectiveness. Being effective also means ensuring that skills, qualifications and knowledge are matched to the assessed needs of clients.


It’s hard to see how a business that’s anything other than well led could keep on top of such constantly changing requirements. The other highly relevant line of enquiry is whether staff are supported to keep their professional practice and knowledge updated in line with best practice.

The profile of client needs isn’t fixed. It evolves as people’s individual care needs change and as clients join and leave the service. Similarly, care staff don’t want to feel that their career is standing still, they want help and support to keep developing their skills and knowledge.

The Training Management Cycle

For all of these reasons care training management is a continuous, cyclical process and is ideally based on a plan, do, assess, review model. Active and meaningful staff engagement in developing the service is another important expectation from a well led service.

This is a huge set of responsibilities and expectations. So it helps to have a reliable partner by your side – helping you keep track of training and development needs, and offering training delivery through flexible and proven programmes aligned with CQC expectations.

If that sounds like the kind of support you’d welcome, Redcrier is here to help. 

Call us on 01823 332200 to find out more. You can also find helpful guidance through our resource centre.

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