There’s More To Care Training Than Training

The most important part of being a care training provider is to deliver high-quality learning that complies with legal and CQC standards. But is that it? Or do you need more from your training provider to help you run a compliant and high-performing care team?

Nothing much stands still in the world of social care. Regulations and standards seem to be updated almost continuously. And external factors such as Covid bring new challenges and risks that have to be effectively managed. There’s a lot to keep on top of (including a new inspection framework promised for 2022).

At the same time, care teams and care managers are overstretched and time-poor. Staff turnover also tends to be high, which adds to the pressure of keeping mandatory skills up to date.

Time to Assess and Plan

It isn’t easy to find the time to sit down and thoroughly assess the competence and training needs of your team. Or to use that assessment to put a robust training and development plan together. Ideally, you need a partner for staff development who keeps abreast of changing expectations and who can simplify the planning and monitoring process.

Redcrier offers managers and owners of care companies a free consultation. This will help you understand your current situation and identify options for filling skills gaps in a time and cost-efficient way. 


Perhaps more than anything, care managers need flexibility. Redcrier offers training courses in face-to-face, distance learning and e-learning formats to suit time constraints and preferred learning styles.

With eBox e-learning there are even more options to save you time and effort. For example, the digital training matrix helps you report and plan more efficiently. You can track completed training in one place – regardless of delivery style or supplier – to reduce administration and paperwork.

Email alerts and reminders prompt staff to complete training and follow learning plans. eBox also gives you the ability to create learning plans and automate the appraisal process, including one-to-ones and supervisions. You can set objectives, record competencies and plan your face-to-face training.

Talk to Redcrier today on 01823 332200 to see how we can help you take the stress and time out of care training management or visit https://www.redcrier.com for more details on our range of courses and delivery formats.

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