The Right Digital Training Can Make Care Professionals More Effective

Organisational Benefits

Digital tools improve productivity by reducing labour-intensive repetitive tasks, allowing care professionals to focus their time and efforts on delivering high value care.

Well designed, easy to use digital training systems provide quick access to staff training content, training records and compliance reporting – whether you need the information for internal use or as evidence for CQC inspections. Easily accessible records simplify the task of care planning.

Digital training tools improve accessibility and convenience. If you don’t have to release staff for entire days, but can slot essential digital training into staff rosters, there’s much less impact on care delivery and less need to backfill with temporary staff cover. Virtual (remote) classrooms mean that time dedicated to face-to-face training is focused on content and learning rather than travelling and logistics.

Redcrier offers digital training course material via a desktop, mobile device, mobile apps, workbooks and virtual classrooms, which offers plenty of choice and convenience. Investment in the right training system is returned through effective, competent staff delivering high standards of care.

Wider Scale Benefits

Employees appreciate when their employer is prepared to invest in their personal development. People are much more likely to leave a job that doesn’t support their learning and development, resulting in a direct negative impact on your staff retention figures.

With chronic staff shortages across the care sector, improving staff retention is the most significant improvement most care businesses can make. Effective and manageable training, enabled by digital tools and processes is a viable way to make training more accessible.

Appropriate training can reduce staff absences through sickness. Obvious examples here are safe handling of people, mental health and wellbeing, COSHH and infection control.

Social care needs to draw together to improve practices, professionalism, and progression. Digital training is one of the foundations to achieve this goal. By adopting the right digital training processes, not only are you driving change within the sector, but the right tools will help you to work towards an outstanding CQC rating. The cost and inconvenience of remedial action following a disappointing inspection report is a major burden for (time poor) care managers and conversely favourable ratings will increase the potential for greater revenue.

Just about all types of training can be delivered efficiently and cost-effectively using digital tools.

If you’d like advice on how to apply digital technology to staff learning and development call us on 01823 332200. You can also find more helpful guidance through our resource centre.

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