The Pandemic Does Not Mean You Have to Exclude Interactive Face to Face Training

Flexibility, convenience and cost-efficiency are all factors that have driven the growth of digital learning in recent times. This does not simply mean putting your staff through eLearning courses as a tick box exercise. Learners can still access high quality interactive face-to-face training whilst maintaining social distancing.

Some people prefer to learn in a practical, hands-on and interactive environment where their learning is guided by an experienced trainer. Some courses lend themselves to practical sessions whereby live demonstrations can be used to help the learner retain the information. Resuscitation within First Aid would be a good example of this.

It is important for certain skills to be demonstrated, with the opportunity to ask questions and get immediate feedback. Equally, for some areas of competence, being observed is an important part of gaining and validating skills.

Preferred Learning Styles

Effective learning is as much about adapting to learners’ preferred styles as it is about course content. Those who prefer the face-to-face style of learning shouldn’t be left out or disadvantaged.

But, of course, in the current environment gathering people together in a classroom isn’t always a viable option. This does not mean that face-to-face training has to stop.

Redcrier can now offer remote digital face-to-face training to help you maintain your compliance by fulfilling the practical courses required and more importantly aid your staff to be effective when faced with a real-life emergency.

Teleconferencing is a viable solution

The pandemic has made many of us enthusiastic users of teleconferencing technology. It can offer real efficiencies during this strange time of social distancing, now more than ever with the rise in infection rates across the country.

Redcrier now deliver remote training sessions that take the face-to-face experience online. Virtual face-to-face training via video conferencing allows care providers to increase staff skills and regulatory compliance during a highly challenging time. The sessions allow our experienced trainers to interact live with your staff offering guidance, best practice and encouragement towards the desired outcome.

We have updated our trusted classroom experience from a physical to a virtual classroom, whilst managing class sizes to maintain quality of delivery and interaction. To help fit training into busy schedules we also offer courses split into half-day blocks. This is a further benefit of the virtual model.

Should any of your staff need support throughout the pandemic we also offer courses on Mental Health First Aid Awareness and Wellbeing You can find details of the courses we offer through virtual face-to-face care training here. To find out more, give us a call on 01823 33 22 00.

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