System Updates

MarkiT has had a face lift! 

MarkiT has been refreshed to improve the user experience. Managers will now be able to add knowledge papers directly on to the system, making it easier for our clients and making the marking process more efficient. We have introduced a new online training matrix at no additional cost to our clients. Giving users an easy to use, visual overview of the staff progress. Managers will now be able to view which courses have been completed, what is outstanding and when courses need to be refreshed in the online new matrix. The traffic light report will help Managers identify areas of strength and weakness at a single glance. The new online matrix makes it easier for care providers to maintain training compliance. Managers can list certificated employees and download the Matrix as and when necessary.  

The Request For Assessment will be moved online to ensure less of our clients time is spent filling out forms and will allow Managers to control directly what is marked whilst encouraging a constant review of the staff listed on the MarkiT system. This will save time both marking the knowledge papers and aid in the certification process. 

Managers can add and delete learners, update names, and combine data from inside the portal, giving more choice and flexibility. This ensures Silver Box users have the flexibility of a learning system with marked assessments and the power of a record management system. All these updates are simply part of the service we provide to our Silver Box clients. 

This will be the third, client led, revision of the MarkiT system since its launch. We look forward to working closely with our clients moving forwards to continually improve our products and services. If you have feedback regarding our products and services, we would love to hear from you. 

View our how to videos for MarkiT that explain how you can make the most of the updates above.


Version 11 updates Launched

Redcrier is to change the KPs from 15 questions to 10 with all papers now only 2 sides of an A4 sheet. This should reduce the incidence of missing pages and the time it takes to complete a paper. Managers will be able to get a faster turnaround, saving time, paper and expense. 

Legislative changes have affected some courses, and these will be reflected in the manuals. Redcrier has looked at reducing the size of each manual and the KLOES and Fundamental Standards are now referenced as a standalone document. At the time of writing the Liberty Safeguard Protection update is being finalised and will be added to the portal for download, when complete. 

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