Six Signs Your Care Business Has A Healthy Training Culture

Regular staff training is a feature of every thriving organisation. In the care sector, it has even greater significance with the added pressures of compliance and the simple fact that care staff do incredibly important work with clients who are often vulnerable.

Training feels less like a burden when it’s wrapped into your company culture. It then has its own momentum. It tends to happen because everyone sees it as an essential and every day part of what you do.

So, how do you know if your care business has a healthy training culture? Here are six signs that might help:

Everyone Feels Involved

This doesn’t just mean that everyone receives training; It also means that they feel fully engaged in the process of evaluating what training they need and deciding how those training needs are met. Ideally, many of your team will be undertaking self-directed learning to keep their knowledge current.

Everyone Has Opportunities 

Often it’s the most capable staff that suffer when it comes to access to training – they’re simply too valuable to release. But these days there are options such as eBox e-learning that make essential training less disruptive. In a healthy training culture everyone has opportunities to take relevant training and improve their skills.

Training Achievements are Recognised and Celebrated

It’s all too easy when you’re busy (which is all of the time) for people to complete training, gain a new qualification and for it all to pass unremarked. Celebrating every new qualification and newly upskilled member of staff shows how important and appreciated staff development is.

Training Has a Purpose

There’s a clear and visible link between operational priorities and training plans. Everyone can see that the training they undertake clearly contributes to the effectiveness of the organisation.

There is a Structure

A Plan, Do, Review structure shows that your organisation is methodical about how you identify training and development needs, and how you evaluate effectiveness and impact.

It’s a Priority

A care business with a healthy training culture is one where regular training still happens even when the pressure’s on.

For more helpful information about building a healthy training culture based around a Plan, Do, Assess, Review process, visit our resource centre. Or, call Redcrier on 01823 332200 for an initial conversation about what training you might be looking for.

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