Positive Support For People With Learning Disabilities

Learning Disability Week runs from June 17 to 23. The theme is ‘Can You See Me?’

There’s a profound truth in that theme when it comes to older people with learning disabilities within the care system. It’s vital to focus on the person rather than the disability, and what people can do – perhaps with appropriate support – rather than what they might struggle with.

It isn’t always easy to apply those principles in an environment where you may be responsible for safeguarding and wellbeing. Training and awareness raising will help care staff and managers support people with learning disabilities in the most appropriate way.

The starting point is Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Training in this area provides an overview of relevant legislation as well as good practice to support inclusion and independence.

A solid understanding of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) is essential. The Redcrier MCA course also explores how you can assess a person’s ability to make decisions while acting in that person’s ‘best interests’ and applying the Deprivation of Liberty Standards (DoLS).

Risks Are Part Of Living

As we mentioned at the top, the focus should be on what people can do. One of the most difficult and sensitive areas in this respect is positive risk taking.

We all have our own attitudes to personal risk – bungee jumping isn’t for everyone. For many people, taking controlled and calculated risks is part of an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Where care staff can help is with clarifying and helping to manage those risks in a positive way.

That’s not easy, given the sensitivity involved, which is why Redcrier offers an overview of Positive Risk Taking, along with a more detailed face-to-face course on Positive Risk Taking in Practice.

Person-Centred Approaches To Learning Disabilities

Down’s Syndrome and Autism are conditions where individuals are more likely to have a learning disability. This underlines why it’s important not to see learning disabilities as a blanket term.

Our courses on supporting people with Autism or Down’s Syndrome illustrate how to understand the personal circumstances that might contribute to a learning disability – and how the right support always starts with the individual. In this respect Positive Behaviour Support has strategies to help develop communication and involvement.

Perhaps Learning Disability Week is a good opportunity to review how well your team is equipped to support relevant individuals. To start your conversation, call Redcrier on 01823 332200

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