Person-Centred Care Needs a Person-Centred Approach to Training

Care certificateEffective care is person-centred. This is something that good care providers have always known. This understanding forms the basis of much of the CQC inspection framework. The challenge as budgets come under new pressure is how to equip your team to meet the individual needs of clients in a sustainable way.

What is Person-Centred Care?
Person-centred care is built around each individual’s personal circumstances, values, needs and preferences. It makes the wishes and wellbeing of your clients the main priority when planning and delivering care.

Person-centred care involves clients, families and carers in all important decisions affecting the care you provide. This approach is at the heart of all good and outstanding care.

Delivering person-centred care effectively relies on having care staff with appropriate awareness, skills and confidence at all levels. You’d be very unlikely to see it happening in any organisation with poorly trained or demotivated staff.

Why Does it Matter?
Person-centred care is focused on a person’s health and wellbeing. Clients enjoy a better quality of life and the development of more complex care needs can be slowed down or avoided. It is also more satisfying and motivating for carers to work in an environment that is based around meeting individual needs rather than slavishly following generic procedures.

A Balancing Act

Collaboration is vital. Effective care means balancing the client’s opinion with your own knowledge to come up with the most appropriate care. Effective care will have to encompass a multitude of variables.

Naturally, communication skills are the foundation. Clients may not always be willing, or able to talk about how they feel or their health problems. Conditions such as dementia and learning difficulties, or not having English as a first language, can all be barriers to communication. Care staff need well-developed communication skills to really understand needs and be certain that clients are comfortable and contented.

Person-Centred Training

Person-centred care is a way of thinking and acting. It relies on having a multi-skilled and committed workforce. It also means having a person-centred approach to training. The needs of each individual staff member will be different and any unmet training needs could be the weak link that breaks the chain of good care delivery. “We are only as strong as our ability to compensate for the weakest link” (Thomas Reid, 1868).

Within this environment, training providers must also be responsive to individual needs. Which is why Redcrier offers a wide range of courses in a variety of formats that fully comply and assist care organisations to meet person-centred care obligations. We aim to ensure that you can equip your care team to deliver excellent person-centred care within a sustainable training budget.

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