Person Centred Care

The care industry currently pivots around person centred care, so to ensure we are able to offer the best and most relevant training, we have aligned ourselves to the same person centred care approach. This enables us to focus on an organisation’s or individual’s needs most effectively, both from compliance and from a care and carer perspective.

In the modern care environment, where expectations are for a much more holistic and person centred approach, often requires more resources. Companies have to focus more on greater levels of efficiency and productivity in order to operate and remain successful.

Market demands are placing increased pressure on care providers to deliver higher standards of care whilst facing greater challenges. Care providers need to be more business, as well as care, focused to achieve targets whilst remaining compliant with industry regulations.

The holistic nature of person centred care requires you to invest in a multi-skilled, agile and responsive approach to care, and a dynamic workforce that can deliver it. It also means something different very often for each care business, reflecting their areas of expertise or specialisation. This requires you to be both flexible but structured and systematic in your training and development of the team, to maintain the required standards. This can often be a challenge to access and coordinate in a busy and fast-moving environment.

Care providers often present themselves as specialists in a particular area, for example dementia or palliative care. To become a specialist, care staff need to have specific knowledge based competence in order to deal with the scenarios resulting from the specialist care offering.

Which is why we extend the person centred approach to be personal to you. We offer a large range of courses to mirror your person centred approach. We will work with you in order to create a tailor made business-centred package around the requirements of your service users, your staff and your business. We will provide the planning and management support to help you keep on top of your needs and of your budget more effectively.

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